Accomplice Shiraz 750ml

$5.50 each
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REGION Riverina

SEASON Late spring rains allowed the vines to prosper following a relatively dry winter. Average yields allowing good varietal flavours to develop throughout the vineyards.

TASTING NOTE Bright red in appearance with ripe raspberries and spice on the nose. The palate is juicy and plump with cherries and a gentle tannin finish.

WINEMAKING Harvested when the fruit is showing vibrant berry flavours and plush tannins. A cool ferment on skins for 5-6 days. Gently pressed to maintain softness, freshness and maximise fruit drive.

WINE ANALYSIS Alc/Vol: 14.0%, pH: 3.64, TA: 6.3g/L

CELLARING This wine is made for immediate enjoyment and short term cellaring.

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